How much does a Bathroom renovation cost?

Bathroom Renovation Cost?

With the rise of reality home renovation TV shows it can be easy to mistake the renovating process as being quick and relatively easy. Bathroom Renovation cost. The truth is with the help of TV magic a lot of challenges are edited down or removed altogether. The true reality is that while it can be a very rewarding process, it has its challenges. We look at some of the myths around renovating your home to ensure you are prepared before you set out on your renovation journey.

Myth 1: It's Cheaper To Do It Yourself

You can certainly provide your own labour to assist in the process and reduce costs, especially if you’re handy with things like painting. However, you need to factor in downtime. A sole owner-builder may take years to complete renovations that a team of contractors could complete in a month. The initial financial outlay may be less but there is more to consider than the bottom line. Factor in things such as the disruption to your family, the mental and emotional fatigue that can come from having your home life disrupted for an extended period of time. The whole reason you are renovating is to enjoy the new space you are creating, not to live in a construction site. A project sitting half-finished can take more of a toll than you may think.

Myth 2: It's A Fast Process

The biggest reality TV myth. Sure if money is no object you can hire a small army of trades to work around the clock to finish the job quickly, but that comes at a cost that is out of reach for most of us. Bathroom renovation Cost. Take into consideration some factors such as how big is the renovation? Which rooms are you renovating? Bathrooms and kitchens will take longer and are more disruptive to your living situation than say a spare bedroom at the end of the hall will be. Allow extra time when scheduling your various trades, unforeseen delays and hiccups are inevitable. Budget for these both financially and timewise.

Myth 3: No Permits Are Needed

Generally speaking, internal renovations won’t require a permit but to be sure you should check with your local council before starting any work. It’s important to consult a licenced builder prior to knocking down any walls or undertaking other major structural changes in case you are compromising the structural integrity of your home. External renovations, additions or raisings, on the other hand, are very much regulated through local councils and approvals must be attained prior to starting work.

Myth 4: All Home Renovations Improve the Overall Value

While a refresh is generally considered a big plus, renovations need to be kept in line with buyers’ expectations for the location. In a suburb where 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom homes are considered the norm, you don’t want to go knocking down walls to create a 1 bedroom bachelor pad with an all-consuming video gaming theatre for example. On second thought, that sounds incredible, however, you will struggle to sell the home at market rate. The point is, consider the area and renovate accordingly.

Also, consider ratios such as bedrooms to bathrooms, and kitchen to living space. If you have a three-bedroom, 1 bathroom home, adding a second bathroom should be a priority over adding a fourth bedroom. Similarly, renovating your kitchen to a size that dwarfs your living area is impractical and unattractive to buyers.

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Bathroom Renovation Cost

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