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Feature Tile

Whether you want to elevate your bathroom and add some luxury, or simply want to highlight a specific area, feature tiles are your go to. Using feature tiles can not only accentuate walls and the floor but can also add depth to your bathroom. If you are considering using feature tiles then here are some helpful tips on why and how to use them effectively.

Why Use a Feature Tile?

There are many good reasons why you should consider using feature tiles in your bathroom. To help you out, we have listed a few of the main reasons:

To Make a Room Look Bigger & Add Texture

One of the main draw cards of using feature tiles is that they can make a room appear bigger than it actually is. There are too main ways you can achieve this – either sticking with white or playing with colours. If you have picked a white palette a textured white feature tile can continue this seamless look. This can help makes a room look brighter and airier while also adding depth. If you want to use colour then you can always pick a tile in a neutral or light colour and paint the room in similar tones.

Less is more

While you may like bright or unusual patterned tiles, it is worth asking whether this will appeal to potential buyers in the future. Some tiles do not date well, so if you do plan on selling one day then it is best to stick with a neutral tile. This does not mean you have to choose a boring feature tile though. Picking a white or neutral coloured tile with a different texture or finish to your wall or floor is a wise choice. This can still add a touch of luxury without alienating buyers.

Where to use feature tiles

If you going to use feature tiles in your bathroom then here are three simple ways you can do this.

Bathroom Floor

Using a feature tile on your bathroom floor is another way to add dimension and character to your room. If you used white paint or wall tiles then a nice contrast would be to use a black or dark grey feature tile on your floor. You could also use a different tile in one section of the bathroom like the shower area. This breaks up the room and creates different zones, which in turn can make the room appear bigger.

Wall Niche

Creating a niche in your shower or along your bathroom wall is another area where tiles are well suited. Not only does a niche add depth to your bathroom, but it is also the perfect place to store your toiletries or towels. If you want your niche to pop then it is best to choose a feature tile that stands out, whether this be a colourful mosaic fan, or elegant subway tile. For a more muted style you could go with a tile in the same or similar tone to your main bathroom tiles.

If you want to kickstart your bathroom renovation , Kitchen , laundry, or any other renovation or just have questions about which feature tile you should choose then get in touch with us today.

feature tile

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