How to Make A Galley Kitchen Bigger

Galley kitchens are characterised by two long cabinets with a small corridor or walkway between them. Named for the small, compact kitchens on ships, this simplistic style can be a space-savvy solution for snug houses, compared to the large island kitchens that are dominating new home designs and kitchen renovations.

The crème de la crème of kitchens balance beautiful design with practical features, but how can you get the best of both in a pocket-sized zone? Thankfully, to create the illusion of more space and improve functionality within your galley kitchen, you don’t need to demolish walls or encroach on existing living spaces.

Below, explore Bay 2 Bay Group’s  expert tips and tricks to take your galley kitchen from cramped to spacious.

Squeeze More In With Design Improvements

As electrical appliances and cabinetry features become more efficient, it is now possible to include smarter designs in your existing kitchen. Appliances such as slim-line refrigerators or single draw dishwashers take up much less space than their full size counterparts. All in one microwave/convection ovens, petit cooktops and multipurpose sinks round out the selection of getting more out of your galley kitchen real estate.

Incorporating these appliances into the heart of your home can free up vital bench and cupboard space, and perhaps even assist in allowing some overhead cabinets to be completely removed in favour of open shelving, creating a more open feel.

Upgrading Your One-Wall Kitchen

Your existing one-wall kitchen is most likely saving you space in a small living area. But if you have your heart set on expanding your kitchen without sacrificing living space, there are a variety of smart solutions. Adding a table to the end of your kitchen bench can provide an elegant dining solution while lengthening the bench and maintaining living space. Other options include adding a raised breakfast bar with stools.

Alternatively, you can include some living room amenities backing onto your kitchen bench, such as hanging your TV from your kitchen cabinet or building a picnic bench.

There Aren’t Any Rules to Galley Kitchens

You may have read some design secrets for making small spaces seem larger, such as paring back the colour palette, or doing away with feature designs. Truth is, there are no rules, and some well executed design features can actually increase the feeling of spaciousness and make your small kitchen a focal point of your home.

Our designers are well-versed in bringing your ideas to life and making the most out of your space, no matter the size.

A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

We will work with you to your needs and budget, big or small, simple or fancy, but perhaps you have some grander ideas. We can work with your existing space or give you a complete redesign. Perhaps you’d like a wall removed to create some breathing room, or a complete rebuild of your old kitchen? We can do it all.

Contact Us today for your free measure and consultation. Our designers will come to you.

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