Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations in Redlands, Bayside, Brisbane

A new kitchen or bathroom can make your home feel brand new, and increase the value for a potential sale! Whatever reason you have for renovating, our team of renovation specialists at Bay 2 Bay Group have combined over 50 years’ experience renovating kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring that every project is of the highest standard.

Doing DIY home renovations can be stressful to say the least. No matter how much you plan, something always pops up that you weren’t expecting. And sometimes, the unexpected issue can cost you more than you budgeted for. That is why it pays to have a professional on board from start to finish. 
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The kitchen is generally the heart and soul of any household. It’s where the family congregates at the end of a day or where you entertain friends and family. So, making it an appealing space is essential. An outdated, unflattering kitchen can just dampen a mood instantly. If the kitchen is too small, then it can be a pain to cook those lavish meals you enjoy with your family and friends. If the layout is inconvenient, then when the kids want to help cook, it can become a catastrophe.

Our team at Bay 2 Bay Group offers custom kitchen designs and installation across Brisbane, the Redlands and the surrounding Bayside Brisbane suburbs. We work with you to create the space you want, ensuring that the kitchen remains the focal point of your home.

A modern farmhouse kitchen in white | Bay 2 Bay Group

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Bay 2 Bay Group has responded to the need for a mobile-based showroom in the Brisbane Area. We can arrange for a licensed builder and designer to come to your home to discuss your space, crafting a solution that matches your needs exactly. Get started today with a no-obligation design consultation.  Request a Quote or Call us  0455 066 300.

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The bathroom is the space within a home that can easily become outdated. More often than not, older homes have flashy tiles and vanities in their bathrooms and ensuites that fail to age well as the years pass by. Your bathroom should be a showpiece in your home. You should be proud to show guests where the bathroom is. Renovating your bathroom to a more modern, contemporary look is an extremely popular choice with homeowners who have an older style home, especially if they are looking to sell in the near future and improve the value of the home.

As with our kitchen renovations services, Bay 2 Bay can work with you in designing the look and layout of your new bathroom or ensuite, creating the dream room you always envisioned.

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