Renovation Finance

It’s no secret that hidden costs go hand in hand with house renovations and renovation Finance. First-time renovators might estimate the budget for their project without taking council fees, unexpected structural changes or plumbing issues into consideration. Renovation Finance.

If you’re experienced in house renovations, you’ll understand that your money is bound to be spread in a hundred different directions throughout the duration of the renovation.

To prevent yourself from digging into your pit of hard-earned savings at the end of the project, it’s important that you first set up a budget that accounts for miscellaneous expenses. 

A fail-safe option to keep on track and within your means is by financing your renovation before you even begin. Easy and simple services such as Handypay specialise in home improvement loans, helping you get your dream house without the stress of overspending. 

Still unsure? Here, we outline three benefits of financing your renovation.

1. Renovation Finance.
Flexible payment plan

Whether you’re looking at revamping your home exterior to maximise street appeal, or transforming your interiors with new flooring or smart home technology, multiple expenses can add up faster than your coffee bill at the end of the month. 

Every renovation is unique, and by financing your renovation to your custom needs, you know you’re covered no matter what pops up along the way. With Handypay, you can select the amount you need (between $2,001 – $75,000) and a timeframe that will suit you, from one to seven years. 

You can even choose your own repayment options, whether you would prefer to make payments weekly, fortnightly or

2. Instant repayments

The most impressive and convenient aspect of Handypay? Your application is approved in seconds (seriously, time it – we dare you). 

Once this super speedy decision takes place, Handypay will cover the upfront cost of your purchase and conveniently schedule repayments in line with your lifestyle and income. 

This means you’ll never lag behind in your payments, helping you stick to your original budget without touching your savings.


3. Efficient and easy

The experienced team at Bay 2 Bay can help you set up your home financing easily and efficiently, as long as you meet the minimum eligibility criteria. The rollcall? You must be over 18 years old, be an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen and receive employment income. 

It’s super easy to finance every part of your house renovation, including energy-efficient systems such as solar systems and batteries, as once your repayments are set up everything is automated. 

This means you can think about the more important things, like managing your exciting home reno!

Keen to get those renos started? Contact Bay 2 Bay Group today!

Renovation Finance

At Bay 2 Bay Group, we work with Handypay to offer you simple payment plan options so that you can renovate your home, whether it be your bathroom or kitchen, and pay over time. 

You can apply for up to $75,000 to finance your renovations and manage your repayments in a way that suits your budget.

Thinking about financing your house renovation? Check out our finance calculator to figure out how much you can loan.

At Bay 2 Bay Group, we bring unparalleled expertise to all aspects of your kitchen and bathroom renovations. In addition, we can help with laundry modifications and maintenance, providing you with complete end to end service. From concepts, design to completion.

QBCC Builders license- 1502549

We can either renovate your existing bathroom, kitchen or laundry, or design and build a new one from scratch in an existing area of your home. Our in-house services include concepts, design, practical completion, and manufacturing.

From using the best trades, to personal hands-on installations and project management, Bay 2 Bay Group are here to help with your renovation every step of the way.

Let us help you out by organising and managing your next Kitchen and Bathroom renovations.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We offer design consultations to start your project

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